Folcstede Farms (formerly Red Goose Gardens) began over a decade ago as a Community Supported Agricultural farm. Although we discontinued the CSA in 2015, we have continued to be independent producers of chemical-free edible plants and plant products. We are ever passionately tied to growing, nurturing, and ethically foraging those plants which enable sustainable, healthy living.

Folcstede Farms: After a couple of years of low-lying metamorphosis, we have decided to change our name. Here is the story behind it:

Farms- plural:   Although the farm still produces an abundance, much of what we produce is grown at our urban homestead. Surrounded by some rather “undomesticated” floral hedges, our urban homestead is an exercise in small-scale urban farming. (Not to mention, old-house restoration.)

The scope of how and what we grow is evolving; as well as growing vegetables, we are nurturing a variety of fruiting shrubs and trees, a fairy-forest of sage and calendula, and other medicinal herbs. We are working on expanding our (farm and urban) shiitake mushroom logs so we can share this treasure as well! We are spending a bit more time nurturing and cultivating those lovely wild edibles/ medicinals that voluntarily  grow along our proverbial paths. There is also the small aquaponic system in our basement… Seriously!

Folcstede: In a name-changing brainstorming session, Thor and I came across this word and fell hopelessly in love. **Okay- I fell hopelessly in love; Thor said, “I like Red Phoenix”. What a sweet guy; He let me win.

Folcstede is an Old English word. Originally it was defined as a battlefield, but was later adopted as a poetic term for meeting-place. From the battles with noxious weeds to the community building adventure that farming is, this word said it all. Not to mention, I am quite fond of poetry.

“Folc” eventually became folk, and stede eventually became “stead”.  **Sigh… I am still hopelessly in love.

Wishing you good food and great health!

Jaclyn and Thor

We’ll work on the photo thing 😐